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2/1GN platform refrigerator

classification.: Platform refrigerator
Aeglos platform refrigerator combines storage space and work platform to optimize process efficiency. It can adapt to different operational needs, from the lighting, countertop design to the drawer device can be tailor-made modification design.

product advantages

• Withdrawable unit design for easy cleaning and maintenance

• 304 stainless steel shell and liner

• Galvanized bottom and back

• Use 150mm high adjustable bullet feet

• Round lock

• Each cabinet room is equipped with 2 pairs of brackets and 2 PE layer nets (only for cabinet doors)

• Automated water design

• Suitable for 2/1 GN container

• Digital temperature control

• 220v/50Hz


• 304 stainless steel back

• 304 stainless steel bottom

• High temperature refrigerator with fluorescent lamp

• Low temperature refrigerator with LED lights

• Wheel

• Heating glass door

• Two-way door

• Single door to 2 drawers

• Single door to 3 drawers

• Single door to 2/3 + 1/3 drawer

• Back baffle

• 50mm high skirting board

• Stainless steel skirt

• Countertop open salad trough

• Right unit

• Split unit optional

• 220V/60Hz